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facebookVICE BREAKER™ is an oral capsule made entirely from natural ingredients which has been designed to:


VICE BREAKER™ works with your body’s natural processes to reduce the effects of past cigarette smoking and help you stop smoking, period.





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VICE BREAKER’s™ natural proprietary components work together to help reduce anxiety, tension and nervousness, which in turn, helps to calm nerves and reduce cravings. VICE BREAKER acts as a barrier to block nicotine receptors in your brain, making it easier for you to avoid and eventually wean yourself off tobacco.

buttOur blend can also help the body remove nicotine toxins faster, speeding up the withdrawal process and alleviating symptoms. By soothing irritations and thinning mucous, it helps to heal smoke-damaged lungs and can speed the healing of other damaged tissues.

Our natural proprietary combination of ingredients act as a tonic for the brain. This combination helps calm anxiety, nervousness and stress, and has been very successful in treating those trying to quit smoking.

  • Loquat Leaf Extract
  • Lobelia Inflata
  • Ginger Root Extract
  • Sophora Flavescents Root Extract


• It is a straightforward, easy program to follow
• It is a quick and effective program compared to its competitors
• It is an all natural remedy with no known side effects


A comparison of the side effects of other anti-smoking remedies with VICE BREAKER which has no known side-effects

  Side Effect Patch Gum Lozenge Inhaler Nasal Spray VICE BREAKER™
  Headaches checkmark        
  Dizziness/lightheadedness checkmark        
  Drowsiness checkmark        
  Upset Stomach checkmark checkmark      
  Nausea checkmark checkmark      
  Bad Taste in mouth   checkmark      
  Tingling feeling on tongue   checkmark      
  Hiccups   checkmark      
  Heartburn   checkmark      
  Jaw pain (from chewing)   checkmark      
  Soreness of teeth/gums     checkmark    
  Indigestion     checkmark    
  Throat Irritation     checkmark checkmark  
  Mouth irritation       checkmark  
  Coughing       checkmark checkmark
  Sneezing         checkmark
  Watery Eyes         checkmark




As a practicing nutritional therapist I have seen too often the disastrous effect smoking has, not only on a smoker's health, but also on the health and lives of those close to them. Most smokers harbour the secret hope that they will be spared the disease and death that follows nicotine addiction. Don't be fooled: With four million people dying every year worldwide due to tobacco use, the odds are not in your favour. Smoking is undisputedly a serious hazard to your health. Because all body parts are interconnected smoking affects every one of your organs, not just your lungs.lynne brown

In my practice I have used VICE BREAKERTM very successfully in helping my patients to quit and regain their health. I know it works, as long as the smoker wants to quit. I know it's safe, being 100% natural and comprising a formulation of herbs, each serving a relevant purpose. For me a drug-free, nicotine-free, anti-smoking remedy is the only option - otherwise one could be trading one addiction or habit for another.

Lynne Brown - Nutritional Therapist - BSc(Hons), HDE,DCN.


For more advice and tips on how to quit smoking for good request my free EBook "Why and how to quit smoking for the last time!"

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R1350 per bottle includes shipping.
This is for a month’s supply (60 capsules) and all that you should need to become an ex-smoker forever! (If you consider what you are spending on cigarettes and smoking-related medical costs then VICE BREAKER is worth every cent)

BUY ONLINE HERE or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. giving your order, name and preferred delivery method and address and a contact number.


WORLD-NO-TOBACCO-DAY PROMOTION MAY 2016 – 10% off the normal price

For the month of May until World-No-Tobacco Day on 31 May 2016:

10% discount means you pay only R1215 for a month’s supply of Vice-Breaker.
Free delivery to anywhere in South Africa included.
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating how many bottles, your full name, delivery address for door-to-door courier and a contact number. We’ll follow up with an invoice which has our bank details for an EFT.

PLEASE NOTE: This special offer is available from The Orchards Nutrition Centre. It is the prerogative of the other agents and retailers listed below to decide whether they wish to run the same special, so please enquire from them before ordering.


Orchards Nutrition is the exclusive South African importer of VICE BREAKER from Canada

Lynne Brown

  • Tel: 042 243 0339
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  • Cell: 084 531 0786
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  • Postal Address: PO Box 344 Somerset East 5850


VICE BREAKER is also available from the following health shops and agents:


Port Elizabeth

Greta Store at Health Matters Phone: 041 581 5386
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East London
Dr Estie Terblanche at Health-Essence Tel: 043 748 4411
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Contact person: Lelisha Sly - 15 Phalarope Street, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion - Cell: 081 047 5347
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.theorganicshop.co.za

Johannesburg - Sandton

Bernd Schmidt Cell: 082 673 7636
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hout Bay

Heidi du Preez at Natural Nutrition Cell: 082 875 8376, Tel: 021 790 0150
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Teresa Duncan, Atlantic Beach Golf Estate Cell: 083 416 0011, Tel: 021 553 2582
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Peter Lowe at Salt of the Earth Cell:084 555 5763
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hayfields Pharmacy, Hayfields Centre  Tel: 033 346 2603



I started the course on Monday 25/01/2016…had the last cigarette on Tuesday morning 26th…and haven’t touched one since. Been some rough, bumpy days along the way but so far so good and I am going strong together with the help of Vice Breaker. Taking the one day at time approach and right now feeling really good…sleeping has improved, no more of the horrible morning cough and generally feeling a lot better..unfortunately the food intake has also increased but I suppose rather fill the body with food than nicotine. I have been going to the gym 2 times a week and will slowly start increasing that to 3 times and 4 times over the next few months as I my fitness levels start improving. I say this cautiously but right now it feels like my body’s need for nicotine has fallen away BUT my fingers still get restless missing the physical action of holding a cigarette. I want to thank  you and Vice Breaker for the invaluable help on this journey.

My wife is absolutely thrilled…thanks to VB my shares have sky-rocketed and I am walking on water right now!

Yogan - Midrand – Feb 2016

I haven’t smoked since the 24 January 2016 so still in early days but feel 100% confident that I won’t smoke again.  My husband stopped just over a year ago with your product and says he will never smoke again.  He has actually become a terrible ex-smoker ... hates smokers.

We had both smoked for well over 10 years (my husband close to 20 years and myself about 15 years), smoked anything between 20 – 30 cigarettes a day.  My husband had tried many different quit smoking aids in the years, myself, I had never attempted to quit, I loved it so much, I never felt ill or had a bad cough or anything from it, and now after stopping on Vice Breaker I wish I had done it years ago, can’t believe how easy it has been, can’t work out why I was so scared all these years.

Your product is amazing, still can’t work out how it works but it worked.  Would recommend (and I have already) to anyone wanting to quit.

Bernice – Gauteng – Feb 2016

We stopped smoking three days after we started on Vicebreaker and it was so easy! We had a couple of urges to smoke, but no actual physical cravings. Within a few days it felt as if we had never smoked at all. We did experience quitters flu which lasted a few days as our lungs cleaned themselves out. I have also unfortunately picked up a little bit of weight, but not because I am eating everything in sight to compensate for the cigarettes, but more because I can no longer skip meals like I used to. So we are both starting to exercise and are also focusing on choosing healthier food options. If we can quit smoking, we can quit the processed foods too.

Thank you so much for distributing this product - it is truly life changing!

MH -KZN - January 2016

Just a note about my experience with taking the vice breaker. I have just completed two months of the treatment and can't stress how impressed I am. I was initially quite hesitant to start as I dreaded the nicotine withdrawal and the anxiety attached to quitting smoking. However within 2 weeks of starting to take vice breaker I lost all desire for cigarettes.
I stopped smoking and that was 6 weeks ago. After the first couple weeks of a slight cough, my chest felt completely free. I cannot believe it has been this easy. I have given up before using prescription meds but never followed through due to terrible side effects.

I have felt amazing on vice breaker, and now I have completed the suggested course of 2 months, I was concerned about stopping it in case I suddenly needed nicotine. I'm regularly surrounded by smokers and I can honestly say it has not tempted me once. I am truly astounded at how easy this process has been!Thank you so much for distributing this product - it is truly life changing!

TL- Nov 2015

I started using Vice-Breaker on the 9th of September. I said to myself that I want to quit on the 12th, but on the evening of 11 September I just stopped and never looked back. The cravings weren’t that bad, just in the first week, and it is almost a month now that my lungs are clean and I feel wonderful. I can really recommend this product. I tried previously with Champix but it made me depressed and moody and after 2 months I just started smoking again.

Nelia – Bloemfontein- Oct 2015

I must say it still baffles my mind how this works,  as this is not the first time I tried to quit,  failing every time. The best part: NO MOODINESS OR CRAVINGS.  All the other times I was so full of it, eating like crazy and could only think about smoking. No it does not even cross my mind, my appetite is still the same and life is like normal without the smoking. I smelled a smoke for the first time today since stopping,  not a thing happened. People advise to stay away from coffee and wine as it might trigger smoking again, does not apply here, as I continued and no cravings.  

Caren – Gauteng – Sept 2015

Vicebreaker really works. It’s an easy, safe, effective way to stop smoking. I stopped smoking on April 7 this year after taking it for 10 days. Stopping smoking is one step; not relapsing is another story as I have learnt from experience over the years. In the past four months, through all sorts of stresses and dramas, I havnt really had the desire to smoke

Maria - Cape Town - Aug 2015

This works! I was very pleasantly surprised at how effective it is and how much kinder it is to one's body.

NM – Eastern Cape – May 2014


After quitting smoking with the help of Vice Breaker I took up jogging, which then became a 21km race then 42km and then 56km (Two Oceans) and on Sunday I completed my first Comrades Marathon! This would not have been possible for me if I was still smoking. To think back how dependent I was on cigarettes and how I couldn’t go anywhere without a box of smokes, to now enjoying a nicotine free life, all thanks to Vice Breaker that enabled me to quit. It took the craving away, no side effects and most of all made me smoke free!

Bernd GTNG June 2015

I was able to stop smoking 6 days after I started take Vice Breaker. I have had no side effects other than feeling a little drowsy upon waking and feeling more calm & relaxed throughout the day than usual. I have had very short lived pangs for a cigarette every odd day here and there but nothing serious at all (not at all like going cold turkey) I have most definitely found it much much better giving up smoking by using Vice Breaker and can highly recommend your product. Thank you for your interest – kind of you for being so supportive.

HM – Knysna- Mar 2015

I am on my 25th day of being totally smoke free. Took the tablets and smoked for 4 days, before throwing the box of cigs away, once I realised that the only time I wanted to smoke was when I saw them. Thanks for an amazing product. I’m so enjoying my smoke free lifestyle!

Arlene – Gauteng – July 2014

Since I received Vice-Breaker I smoked for first 7 days but every day I smoked less and less. It’s been 21 days since I had my last smoke and its feeling great , although it’s still an everyday struggle to not go back to my old self . Remarkable to say that it was easy to stop without a lot of withdrawal symptoms . Thanx This is a wonderful product.

Flip – Limpopo- June 2014

I have just realised that I have been smoking for just on 48 years, with the first 3 -4 years, a packet lasting about a week and then, a packet-a-day and since then anything from 20 to 45 cigarettes a day. I started taking Vice-Breaker on Fri 6 June. I had in mind that I would stop smoking on the Monday 9th as I still had a number of packets of cigarettes to finish. (my delaying tactics!!). On the Tuesday morning, I still had 1 fag left, smoked it and stopped. As with the other people who have taken the Vice-Breaker capsules, so far I have not had any adverse reactions. My previous attempts at quitting, firstly with Zyban which made me rather moody and aggressive and then the last attempt at the end of 2012 after being on Champix for about 6 weeks, my blood pressure rose to 200/140!!! I stopped the tablets and carried on smoking. I must say that these Vice-Breaker capsules have worked very well for me. I just have had no craving for nicotine. My sense of smell has improved and a big change is Not having mucous in my throat. My main reason for quitting is for health problems, I have had DVT in both my legs and for general poor blood circulation, both of which are linked to the smoking habit.

Camel N – Eastern Cape – June 2014

For the two weeks in Israel I faithfully took a capsule in the morning and in the evening and genuinely did not think about nor even desire a cigarette. Not even when others were smoking close to me. It is an amazing product with no negative side effects at all! Unlike Champix that distended my stomach and made me feel cold all the time and eventually led me to give up taking it, nor the nicorette gum which burned my mouth more than what smoking a cigarette did! Vice-breaker is a fantastic natural product that I would recommend to anyone who is finding it difficult to quit smoking.

JF – Gauteng Sept 2013

Thank you very much for the email! I am doing just great! I started taking the tablets and after two days I stopped smoking. Have not touched a cigarette since, and that is over 3 weeks ago. Only the first day did I have a headache and was I very fidgety and restless, but after that it has been a breeze. I have been at parties, in the pub, at braais and stressed out at work. Also been camping in Zim and sitting around the fire at night with a beer. I thought about it but never had the desire to actually have a cigarette, but I must admit I have been mostly with people who do not smoke. The rest I think will just be will-power. The body is over it, but the mind still thinks I may just have one when I feel sad or stressed. From previous experiences I know this does not work - one WILL lead to more, so I will just have to be strong. I really want to get rid of the hold that cigarettes have been having on my life for 26 years, and I am determined to live my life as normal, just without the cigarettes. I am taking it one day at a time but I think I am on the right track, and the tablets truly are amazing. I have not been depressed, or anxious, which I definitely experienced previous two times I stopped (3 months and 8 months). I feel happy and proud of doing it - finally stopping!

Ingrid Geertsema – Limpopo – Sept 2013

Yes, my husband and I are still smoke free and very proud of it! We have also actually stopped counting how long it has been, but just thinking about it, my 2 year anniversary will be on 17 Sept 2013! It is amazing how life changing this has been – I have made a whole bunch of new friends (people I never got to mix with because I was always outside with the smokers) and it has been so liberating not being attached to a handbag!! I have become a regular walker – even completing the Cango 21 km.

L.K. Eastern Cape Aug 2013

I am happy to report that my friend in Holland (whose son managed to get the capsules to her) has stopped smoking and is thrilled. So has another friend here, and also my son. The results have been absolutely amazing and they are all extremely grateful, first for feeling so much better, and second for saving a lot of money.

Rika- Eastern Cape

I am sceptical when it comes to herbal medicine so I didn’t expect Vice-Breaker to help me stop smoking. I was pleasantly surprised. My birthday party was three days after I had started taking Vice-Breaker and I had already decided that I would forgive myself for smoking that night. To my own surprise I ‘forgot’ to smoke and went the entire evening without a single cigarette. I still can’t believe that happened.

Marcelle (Taken from SA Natural Medicine Magazine Oct 2012)

I have tried to quit many times but it never lasted long. The last time I quit I used Vice-Breaker and that was over a year ago. It worked great and I’ve been a non-smoker ever since.

Ambrose(Taken from SA Natural Medicine Magazine October 2012)

Have tried Nicorette patches, chewing gum, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Zyban and Champix – have never quit, not even for 24 hours! Even tried cold turkey, and read the book “ Allen Carr, How to quit smoking the EASY way!” In last six months have felt such a failure as I can not quit, not for more than a couple of hours at a time and the withdrawal symptoms are just horrible. Thought I may have to end up in a coma or dead before I stop! My main motivation has always been, I CAN’T BREATHE! Until I stumbled upon this website and Monday bought my first bottle of tablets! Lelisha who sold me the tablets told me that her Mum, aged 54. who had been smoking since she was 17, quit after three weeks on the tablets, her brother after only a week and likewise with Lelisha. Well I smoked my last cig at 7.30 am on the third day after starting the tablets and I am not trying to fool any of you, least of all myself, but you can bet your salary on what I am going to tell you now, I WILL NEVER SMOKE AGAIN! Nope, I am now a NON SMOKER. I have NEVER been able to stop for more than four hours at a time, especially during the day and can honestly tell you that I know, I really do, that I will not smoke again. I did not hide the cigs in these three days, even took an extra packet with me, in case I needed it, but you have to understand, I was and still am determined to QUIT! I always said, if I can stop for 24hrs, I will have cracked it, well I already know I have cracked it. Tablets help VERY WELL with panic/anxiety feeling , right from the 1st tablet! The very very best part of this whole struggle to quit smoking is that I now know that I will be there for my daughter Kirsty on her Wedding Day in nine days time! I had serious nightmares about my child having to arrange my funeral BEFORE her wedding!

Oh my heavens, I forgot to tell you all the most important upside to these tablets, YOU DONT GET AN INCREASED APPETITE! Have eaten completely normally since I started taking them and haven't wanted to eat everything in sight, which is my normal when trying NOT to think about smoking! Not this time! AMAZING!!!

Some advice for other smokers using this product – assuming of course that you really WANT to give up - only smoke when you feel you absolutely have to! It will get less, just keep taking your tablets.

Just wanted to share this as I know that if I can quit, anyone can using your product. Word of mouth is the very best affirmation anyone can receive, and your product is worth SHOUTING about! I will keep you all updated but for now would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Thank you for helping me to QUIT!

Bridgette Findlay-Cooper – Pretoria - Mar 2013

It has been more than a year since I quit smoking with Vice-Breaker. Best money I have ever spent. I now have a much healthier lifestyle.
I can even coach my sons rugby team.

R.vdB Gauteng – Mar 2013

Hi Lynne,

Back from Mozambique and amazingly enough two months of no smoking.

I have smoked since I was 18 (now 64) and had many attempts to quit over the years including Nicorette nicotine gum, Quit nicotine mouth spray, nicotine patches, and most recently Zyban a couple of years ago. I had a bad reaction to the Zyban in the for of a severe eczema-type skin rash.

VICE BREAKER was my last chance and I thought I would try one more so I could say I had tried everything.

I had the wrong attitude and expected to fail from the start. I continued smoking for the first week and then thought I would see how long I could go without a cigarette - expecting maybe a half day. That was two months ago! Just taking it one day at a time now. Wish me luck!


Al Spaeth – Eastern Cape - October 2010

VICE BREAKER has changed my life after 37 years of smoking. My lungs are clear, skin feels so much better and my cough is gone.

Debbie - Kwazulu Natal - May 2010

I am 41 years old. I smoked for 27 years. Having worked as a health professional, I knew full well the dangers and detriments of smoking. Yet, I was unable to quit. I started taking VICE BREAKER with no resolutions. I quit smoking after only 4 days. Almost a full year later, I am still smoke-free, and feeling great. I am so confident in VICE BREAKER's ability to enable one to quit smoking - without any side effects - that I recommended it to my mother. Now, she too, is smoke-free. The greatest gift that I could ever give is the freedom from cigarettes, and their hazardous effects.

Do it for someone you love.

Laura - Mississauga, ON



This product is amazingly true to its name, “VICE BREAKER”, it really works! I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t try it for myself. I was smoking for many years, and was up to a pack a day. When I started taking VICE BREAKER, the first day I only smoked five cigarettes, the second day I only had four, and I quit on the 5th day and have been happily smoke free for the past two and a half months. I took VICE BREAKER for a month and a half, the first month one capsule in the morning, and one capsule in the evening. The second month, I didn’t feel like I needed to take them anymore, but decided for good measure and added protection against going back to my vice, I took one capsule a day for about two weeks. Over the years I have tried numerous products currently still on the market, and had no success in quitting with them. I am grateful to have stumbled upon this product through my osteopath’s recommendation from client’s of his that had quit smoking using VICE BREAKER. This is an all-natural product; I experienced no side effects, no cravings, and no irritability. VICE BREAKER worked so well for me, that I cannot help but talk about it to everyone I know, and care about. It truly is a fabulous product!




I just wanted to let you know that my son has been successful! I bought the VICE BREAKER for him at Christmas. He was able to stop smoking within the 30 days and is very happy. He said that the VICE BREAKER capsules helped him in that he didn't enjoy smoking any longer, it made it less enjoyable for him to smoke as the cigarettes no longer tasted very good. He is enjoying the new taste of food and has no desire to smoke any more. I asked him if he would need any more capsules as the bottle said 45 days may be required, however, he told me he had stopped and was no longer needing the capsules after 30 days!



Well all I can say is it’s brilliant. I smoked for 25yrs and gave up in the 1st week of taking the tablets. They may look pricey but if you think about how much you spend on cigarettes and your health it’s worth every cent. You don’t get any cravings, no side effects, and it also detoxes your lungs at the same time!

It is brilliant! I tried everything else from nicorettes to accupunture….you name it! My energy levels are also so high now I cannot believe I ever smoked! Now a nonsmoker for 5 months. Hoorah!

FB - Eastern Cape Jan 2011


I feel very lucky to have found VICE BREAKER. I had intended giving up smoking for a while, but felt too panicky every time I thought about it. I decided on a three-pronged approach to giving up. I would start running, eat more healthily than usual and take VICE BREAKER. I anticipated VICE BREAKER to be a placebo more than anything. Well, I started the process and found that VICE BREAKER really worked. It made me not particularly interested in smoking and, best of all for me, made me not anxious or panicky when I thought about not smoking. I'd anticipated a very rough ride, but in the end, it wasn't as hard as I'd imagined.

Smoking was a big part of my life. I'd smoked for 23 years. I wanted to give up before I turned 40. I didn't want my daughter growing up with a smoker, I wanted to grade for my black belt in karate, I wanted to reach a point in my fitness where I wasn't always gasping for more breath. I wanted to be in a situation where I didn't panic every time I went to a restaurant or out for coffee and couldn't smoke.

Well, now I've given up and I look back and actually can't believe I was ever a smoker. I'm happy to be around other smokers, it doesn't bother me at all. In some senses, I'm even a little disappointed, because I'd pitched myself for this epic battle full of grand gesture and dramatic suffering. But without the panic, and that's where VICE BREAKER did it for me, it was totally manageable.

I've got an enormous amount of energy. I get so much more done especially since I'm not wasting time smoking. I didn't put on weight, which I was very worried about, but that was also part of my three-pronged approach of VICE BREAKER, running and fresh, healthy food. I also started taking a lot of vitamins and minerals to start repairing the damage I'd done to my body with smoking all these years. I don't want to smoke again. I'm happy with my body, my body's very happy with me, it's a new and much more generous relationship.


Tanya – Eastern Cape December 2010


After I spoke to you about having the odd drag now and again and it not being acceptable I stopped my nonsense altogether I haven't touched a cigarette in 2mnths and still haven't used the 2nd bottle of Vice Breaker. Don't crave a smoke at all must say and am loving the smoke free living. My hangovers are minimal, my hair smells good after a night out, my fingers don't smell and my running is improving bit by bit can run a 10km no problem. Thank you for all your love and help.

Clare – Gauteng Apr 2011


It is going really well! Seems like Vice Breaker really works! My skin is looking better....ATTITUDE Rocks!..No mood swings! No cravings..It is madness I tell you! Oh and another thing....I have sooooo much time on my hands...I worked out: I used to smoke +- 30 cigs a day...to smoke a cig takes up about 10min( finding a place to smoke and then chatting away while having it) of your time, so times that by 30 gives you 300 minutes spent on smoking per day....so.......5 hours wasted on killing yourself per day....hectic....don’t you think? SO happy that I made that Call!

Ghardi- Gauteng Apr 2011


Today has been 4 weeks since I quit smoking and I must say it has been a breeze so much to say that I stopped taking the tablets a while back and have +- 20 left over. From a habitual 40-60 a day for the last 20 years and many failed attempts at quitting, I have found that Vicebreaker has been the way for me in that the craving has not been there. I have not changed my lifestyle and have put myself in situations where I would have been sorely tempted to "have a quick puff" but with the help of Vicebreaker and a dollop of willpower I have succeeded thus far. It was a lifestyle change for me so hopefully it lasts and I can finally say I have quit for good.

Shaun – Durban Aug 2011


All I can say is WOW!!!! I took my first tablet on Thursday night the 10th of November. Today is my 3rd day without smoking and only been taking the tablets for 6 days. I must say I was not convinced of any product helping me to stop smoking due to the fact that I actually did not want to stop. I am amazed with the outcome. So glad I took the chance. I already feel like living a healthier lifestyle!!

Anika Loots – Randfontein - 15 Nov 2011



"I have communicated with this business many times now and they are a trusted web site with a clean internet trading record. To confirm this please feel free to contact me, Graham Callingwood at Top Page Guru."


As you know we purchased 3 bottles in total. Between my husband and I we used 2 and when my daughter (22) saw that we stopped successfully she took the last bottle and has also stopped smoking. My husband and I have quit smoking for good with the help of VICE BREAKER. I believe that our daughter will also quit for good. Please add another ‘like’ to your long list of ‘likes’ for VICE BREAKER. It is an awesome product.

Geraldine, Gauteng – April 2012

I am absolutely totally impressed – well to say the least. I have tried so many times to stop smoking – this time it just seems easier. I stopped on the 31st May – so that makes it now nearly 3 weeks – and going strong!!! I sometimes do miss the association that it had with a cup of coffee and speaking on the telephone but I keep telling myself NO!!! I don’t want to smoke anymore! My circulation is fantastic and I don’t have “red” hands anymore. I have just turned 46 and if anything the fact that I don’t have to be embarrassed about the smell and the stigma that goes along with it – well how awesome. I still go and sit outside with my girlfriends who smoke and I honestly can say that I don’t want to smoke again – but I also don’t want to not be “social”!

Sue from Cape Town - June 2012

I managed to quit smoking with the help of VICE BREAKER! My quit day was almost three weeks ago, 12 July 2012. The VICE BREAKER certainly helped with the cravings etc, but nobody should think that it will make the “decision“ for you. You still need to WANT to quit. I remembered the words of one of the testimonials on your web, the person said that he / she decided one day to check how long they can go without a cigarette. I adopted that approach, and am proud to say, almost three weeks later and still going strong!

LB – July 2012


Hi Lynne. I must thank you very much, my wife has been smoke free since 24th June. Her health also is slowly returning to normal, in this short time no more coughing. Thank you very much for your concern and interest, this makes a GOOD product excellent. I think the Vice-Breaker pills are an excellent product, the only product that has helped my wife to stop for any length of time.

A.N - Eastern Cape - July 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to stop smoking before I start using Vice-Breaker?
First prize would be to stop smoking from day one on Vice-Breaker however this is not a condition of Vice-Breaker working effectively. We all know smoking is both an addiction and a habit. Vice-Breaker takes away the cravings, with the intent to break the habit. If you continue to smoke, you are not helping to break that habit, even though your cravings will be less and less and your desire to smoke is substantially diminished. Although the odd cigarette while on Vice-BreakerTM  will not cause any adverse side-effects, it is not encouraged. However if you should decide to continue smoking you will more than likely find, as most users do, that after 4 to 5 days on Vice-Breaker you will wonder why you lit up that cigarette.

Will one month’s supply be sufficient to stop smoking?
For most of our clients one month on Vice-Breaker has been sufficient to quit smoking for good. It all depends on the strength of your desire to quit.

What side-effects can I expect when taking Vice-Breaker?
The best side-effect ever – you lose your desire to smoke. To date no negative side-effects have been reported. It is important though to recognise the difference between side-effects and detox symptoms. Some smokers do experience mild detox symptoms in the first two or three days. They should rejoice because this is a sign that your body is also working towards trying to heal itself by pushing out the toxic residues of previous smoking every which way. Detox symptoms you may experience are: headaches, flu-like symptoms, nausea, dizziness, increased coughing, sore throat, blocked or runny nose, constipation or diarrhea. Try to ride through these symptoms and drink lots of water to help flush the toxins out quicker. You won’t regret it. If, however, you should experience any of these detox symptoms for longer than the first week please call us to discuss.

I have been a heavy smoker for over 40 years. Can Vice-Breaker really work for me?
Strange as it may seem the hard-core, “smoked since I was a teenager”, seniors are the ones for whom Vice-Breaker really works well, much to their amazement. After 40 years of smoking you will most likely by now be experiencing the negative health effects of smoking and that together with the knowledge that henceforth your medical costs can only rise, should be incentive enough to kick the habit. Yes, Vice-Breaker will work for you and make quitting much easier as long as you want to quit and are committed to giving up. It takes two to tango! 

Can I take Vice-Breaker more than twice a day?
No, increasing the dose is not recommended and is unlikely to be more effective. If you are struggling with cravings in the late afternoons, try taking the evening capsule earlier. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated. So drink more water.

Will Vice-Breaker clash with my medications?
To date we have not had a single report of Vice-Breaker clashing with any pharmaceutical drugs. However, we do recommend that you take the list of ingredients (available on the website) to your doctor and get his/her approval first.

Can I use Vice-Breaker when pregnant?
Firstly, smoking is an absolute no-no when pregnant. Please read my article How smoking can harm your baby.
If you are pregnant and still smoking then Vice-Breaker, as a quit smoking aid,  would be one of the safest options for your baby. We have already had many moms-to-be use Vice-Breaker successfully and without harm, however we always recommend the client takes the list of ingredients to her doctor and gets his approval first. If Dad is also a smoker it is imperative that he quits too in order to give your baby the healthiest start in life.

If I stop smoking in the first week or two can I stop taking Vice-Breaker and keep the rest for in case I relapse?
This is not recommended. Sometimes people quit very soon into the course then think because they’re not craving nicotine anymore they don’t need to carry on taking the capsules. Firstly, the herbs in Vice-Breaker work together to clear your lungs of previous smoking residues as well as heal your lungs. You need to give them more time. When your lungs are properly cleansed you will experience an increase in your energy levels and vitality and improvement in your health. Secondly the blend of herbs is dealing with symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. You may have ditched the nicotine but withdrawal symptoms can hang around for a while. We strongly recommend you finish the one month course.

Is Vice-Breaker made by a reputable company?
Vice-BreakerTM is manufactured in Canada and is a trademark of Nutratec Life Sciences Inc. The developer of this formula is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutraceutical Company founded more than 4 decades ago and is a leading supplier of herb medicines, herb powder and extracts and dietary supplements. Based on its advanced technologies, and utilizing natural raw materials and resources, they have developed and produced the highest quality products used by so many in everyday life. Vice-BreakerTM is manufactured by one of their plants in Canada whose Research and Development Centre  ensures that each and every product meets or exceeds all International Regulatory requirements including Health Canada and the FDA.

I suffer from anxiety disorder and find cigarettes have a calming effect, that is why I’m afraid to quit. Will Vice-Breaker help me get through the worst?
The proprietary blend of herbs in Vice-Breaker will help alleviate your present symptoms of anxiety as well as those caused by withdrawal from nicotine. If you are on medication for your disorder, show the list of ingredients to your doctor to get his/her approval first, and then go for it.